Assisted Embryo Hatching

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The use for assisted hatching arises when the following indications are seen in IVF cases:

  1. Age factor- couples having IVF with female partners age over 37
  2. Egg quantity & quality factor – couples in which the female’s day 3 follicle stimulating hormone level is elevated.
  3. Embryo quality factor – couples having IVF with poor quality embryos(excessive fragmentation or slow rates of cell division)
  4. Zona factor – Couples having IVF with embryos that have a thick outer shell(zona pellucida)
  5. Previous failure – couples having repeated IVF failure.

Assisted hatching is a technique which is used in IVF. It involves thinning the coat surrounding a fertilized egg or making a hole in it. This may improve the chances of the embryo getting implanted into the uterus.
The most commonly used assisted hatching method is laser assisted hatching. In this method, small holes are made in the zona using a micromanipulator.

Many couples elect to pursue assisted hatching during their IVF procedures. This is because the technique is associated with some benefit following

  1. Fewer embryos required for transfer.
  2. Increased implantation success rates
  3. Allow for blastocyst culture.

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