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Q. What would I have to do to donate Semen ?

A.  The first step would be to contact our center and we will provide you with a form that you would need to complete. Thereafter if you are fit in our above-listed criteria you need to give your semen for semen analysis, and also blood for other required tests. These tests will be performed at no cost to you.

Once you are accepted as a routine donor-once every three months you are re-tested for the sexually transmitted disease.

Q. How would I approach the laboratory for collection of semen ?

A.  You should contact our laboratory to know the planned schedule and time for collection. Here we have two categories. Collection of semen for fresh transfer and collection of semen for preservation.

Q. Financial compensation for donor

A.  As most of the donors are professionals or students from institutions of higher education – they want to give a smile to an infertile couple and help them selflessly and as a token of appreciation we pay a small remuneration.

Q. Advantage of being a semen donor

A.  Approximately 40% of infertility cases results from disorders in the male when it cannot be treated donor insemination only option and by donating semen you will be helping infertile couple to realize their dreams to having a family.

Egg Donation

Q. What would I have to do to donate eggs ?

A.  The first step would contact our office & we will give you the medical and family history form that you would need to complete. Thereafter, you would be scheduled to see a counselor to discuss and assess emotional issues associated with this process.

The next step would be a complete physical examination, including a transvaginal ultrasound examination.

Once you are accepted into a program for you and maybe for your partner, few blood tests will be carried out. These tests will be performed at no cost to either of you.

Q. How is the donation cycle actually conducted ?

A.  Fertility medications will be given to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Once you are on medication, you will be very fertile, so it is better for you to abstain from intercourse during the month of treatment. Same steps of treatment followed as described in IVF egg retrieval. Steps are in short.

COH (controlled ovarian hyperstimulation) to get multiple follicles.

Before starting COH some drugs are used so that hormone secretion from hypothalamus and pituitary are almost completely suppressed. This is called “down regulation”. Then the treatment with the drug is started to stimulate the ovaries so that several follicles mature at a time GnRH agonist or antagonist are used for down-regulation. If agonists are used, it is started between the 19th to the21st day of the previous menstrual cycle. On the other hand, antagonists are started few days after gonadotropin therapy is given.

Gonadotropins are now injected to stimulate the growth of follicles and cause ovulation. hCG injection is given when the follicles are more enough to trigger ovulation.

Egg collection, usually under a local anesthetic condition which lasts only between 10-20 mins.

Q. Will this process decrease my own fertility by removing so many eggs at one time ?

A.  The answer is No. each month, the body selects only one egg to ovulate and remainder does not develop fully and is lost. The fertility medications allow us to “rescue” many of those eggs and do not affect any eggs destined to enter the growth phase in future cycles.

Q. Will I know who receives my eggs and would she know anything about me ?

A.  The donation of eggs at our center is completely anonymous unless arranged otherwise. The recipient would not know the identity of the donor. & after the procedure, the donor also would not be informed of the outcome.

Q. Financial compensation for donor

A.  As compensation for your participation, you will receive cash between 10,000 – 15,000/- at the time of the egg retrieval.

Q. Advantage of being an egg donor

A.  By donating eggs to an infertile couple, you will be helping them to realize their dreams to have a family. This kind of gift is perhaps one of the most meaningful things one person can do for another.

Embryo Donation

Q. What is embryo donation ?

A.  This procedure is similar to egg donation. However, instead of borrowing the egg and the recipient’s husband’s sperm for fertilization, both the egg and the sperm are derived from donors.

Q. To whom embryo donation is advised ?

A.  There are selected groups of patients to whom embryo donation is recommended:

  • When both the partners are infertile
  • Couples who are at a high risk of passing on genetic disorders to their offspring.
  • Women with recurrent IVF failures.

Q. What is the success rate of embryo donation cycle ?

A.  Typical success rates with embryo donation are pretty encouraging. However, success rates will fluctuate depending upon the quality of the embryos.

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