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Revirgination Surgery

Nowadays, the number of women seeking revirgination surgery is increasing steeply. Many procedures like vaginal tightening, hymenoplasty, labia surgery, etc., are being increasingly performed. Lot many women nowadays want their partners to give increased pleasure during the intercourse.

Revirgination surgery types?


Hymen is a protective membrane that fully or partially covers the external vaginal opening. There is a notion that the presence of the hymen indicates virginity. But, it is a medical fact that hymen may be absent during childbirth itself. Plastic surgeries exist for creating the hymen. However, these tissues are very much fragile and can easily go away with increase in physical activity.

Vaginal Tightening:

The procedure is also known as vaginoplasty. Frequent sexual intercourses can lead to a vaginal opening that is roomier. This can result in less friction leading to inadequate sexual pleasure. As a result, women complain that they are dissatisfied. Surgical remedies like vaginal tightening can be performed for correcting this condition.
In vaginal tightening, some mucosa is removed from the vagina. After doing this, the muscles underlying the mucosa are tightened. This decreases the space of the vaginal opening. Increased penetration can be attained, resulting in more sexual pleasure. Recovery time for this surgery is 1 to days. Normal sexual activity can be started after 3 weeks from the surgery date.

Labiaplasty or Labia Correction:

The inappropriate appearance of the vaginal opening may be a matter of concern for many women. This can be due to labia minora. This can be a source of embarrassment since it does not appear good in those lower portions. The labia can be shaped under local anesthesia, resulting in more aesthetic looking vaginal lips. This can, in a way, increase the confidence of the woman.

Urinary Incontinence:

Urinary incontinence happens when urine involuntarily leaves the bladder through the internal and external sphincter muscles. It is due to the problem with the process of urination meaning uncontrolled leakage of urine without intending to. Normally Urine is held in the bladder which receives urine from the bladder and leaves the bladder from the urethra. It is especially problematic because it affects a person personal hygiene and social life.

G SPOT Augmentation for Decreased Sexual Satisfaction:

G SHOT is a simple Procedure Intended to enhance the sensitivity of the G Spot, It is a nonsurgical day care procedure where filler is used and injected transvaginally.

Clitoral Head Surgery:

A clitoral head surgery reduction is also known as hoodectomy. It is a procedure that reduces the length and size of your clitoral hood.
Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery is performed to Improve Comfort and Sensation. The clitoral head works as an important function and is covered up by tissues precisely called as the prepuce. The clitoral hood serves to protect the clitoris from being constantly rubbed. Constant friction could lead to over-stimulation, desensitization and even pain. It also helps to keep the area moist and completes the appearance of normal female genitalia. However, sometimes it can be too large or lengthy, or not retract during intimacy. This may be caused by genetics, trauma or childbirth.

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