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IVF Cost in India

In Vitro Fertilization is a set of processes which are occurred by the removal of the eggs from the respective ovaries and mixing it with the sperms in the laboratory dish. Thus, this results in the production of fertilization inside the glass which justifies the ‘in vitro’ meaning.

Giving a bright shine to the darkness, the government of India has reduced the cost of treatment which includes egg fertilization, repeated cycles, and experiments and so on. The IVF technology has reduced the possibilities of assisted reproductive practical experiments which have failed to provide the couple with the newborn babies.

The charge is quite high in the clinics costing around two to two lakhs fifty thousand rupees in order to just operate it. These charges exclude the treatment procedures. They take even more for these treatment purposes.

But as per this new trend and continuously everyday evolving new technology, the price is now minimized to about twenty thousand rupees in order to avail every citizen as the price becomes quite affordable. They carry out the treatment experiments as well within that price. The IVF have now experimented a lot improvising their products and introducing various new types of technologies so that the price even gets reduced in order to avail the poor ones too.

But most of the researchers spread their views by indicating that the experiment price is quite high due to the excessive use of drugs as well the hormones that are transferred to the infertile couples in order to help them in conceiving. The actual cost of the hormones which are transferred is around Rs. 30000. But this differs in each and every hospital, clinics and other curable places.

IVF includes several processes of fertilizing the ovum in the lab after which it is transferred to the embryo in the woman’s uterus.

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