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IVF fertility clinic

specialize in IVF-ET, ICSI-ET, Surrogacy, Sperm, IUI and Egg Donation. We also deal with high rise pregnancy management (Diabetes complicative pregnancy, Hypertension complicating pregnancy, recurrent pregnancy loss). In co-ordination with neonatologist we take care of prematurity of new born. We also offer fetal reduction in case of multiple pregnancies.

Waiting period for this is minimal. All legal formalities, correct matching - We do take care. As we take care from infertility treatment till delivery, our take home baby rate is high. We treat every precious pregnancy and take all precautions to prevent abortions, premature delivery, neo-natal deaths, etc.

  • State of ART facilities IUI - Donor.
  • Husband- IVF - ET, ICSI - ET.
  • Sperm retrieval by MESA, PESA, TESA, Laser assisted hatching, Blastocyst culture, Cumulus cell coculture.
  • Freezing- embryo, sperm, oocyte.
  • Donation- sperm, egg, embryo.
  • Surrogacy (Surrogate Mothers).
  • Amniocentesis - (Pre-natal genetic diagnosis)
  • Reproductive Surgery for chocolatecyst, hydrosalpinx, endometriosis, Fibroids, Varicocelectomy.
  • Keyhole surgery, Fetal reduction, Non-surgical ectopic Pregnancy management.

Reasons, Why We are Best

  • Our Philosophy Our Vision
  • The post-operative check-ups and treatment.
  • A commitment to take on complicated cases.
  • Unprecedented access to physicians and nurses.
  • The best and the most advanced treatment procedures.
  • A world-class laboratory and research program.


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