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IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a set of processes which are occurred by the removal of the eggs from the respective ovaries and mixing it with the sperms in the laboratory dish. Thus, this results in the production of fertilization inside the glass which justifies the 'in vitro' meaning.

There are several steps which are included in the happening of the process of fertilization. IVF is often used to cope up with the female infertility problem with the issues in the fallopian tube causing fertilization in a very difficult manner. It may cause in some male individual's also causing an issue in the sperm quality. In such horrible cases ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is prescribed by the physician. This includes the sperm cell indirectly is allowed to mix with the egg cell causing fertilization. When the sperm faces some difficulty penetrating with the egg cell, this type of technological help comes under effect. ICSI also comes under the effect when the counting of the number of sperms are much low from the normal ones.

There are also some risks like in the females there are many chances that lead to anemia, less amniotic fluid or more amniotic fluid, premature labor or even in the development in the baby. There are many other hectic problems that are faced by both the babies as well as the pregnant lady. If a female is pregnant of over one babies, then the female may face troubles while pregnancy. While in the babies face a quite number of problems like premature birth, respiratory problem, bleeding issues and lot more.

The treatment lasts nearly four to six weeks continuously per cycle. The couple needs to spend almost half day within the clinic in order to end the procedures like fertilization and egg retrieval procedures.

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