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Become a Surrogate

Discovering the fact of not being able to conceive a child or carry a baby until the term is frustrating and stressful including unmarried women who may who may want to raise children and are looking for an alternative other than natural childbirth. The population of such people is in millions these days.

A potential surrogate mother is the blessing for such people. A surrogate mother who is in good health and is able to conceive with a minimum amount of risk to her own health can help. There are some conditions which may prevent a surrogate mother from conceiving such as known medical problems that could lead to complication in pregnancy and may even put the women at risk. This could also include people who are overweight, heavy smokers, drinkers and are not considered as good surrogate mothers due to the risk for both mother and child.

As an alternative to adopting a child or remain childless, parents can work with a surrogate mother who will carry and give birth to their child. If you are interested in helping people with so much love to give a kick-start to their families, you may want to consider becoming a surrogate.

At Raipur IVF Centre, we will help you get information about becoming a surrogate. You can learn about the details of the characteristics that interested partners are looking for in surrogate mother and find out if you can become a surrogate to help them. You will also be able to learn about the kind of compensation you can expect as you will incur a numerous expenses pre and post pregnancy.

A surrogate mother is a well demanding and a tough responsibility both emotionally and physically, we at Raipur IVF Centre recommend seeking the support of their partner, friends or family during and post the time of pregnancy. We would like to reiterate of becoming a surrogate mother as a difficult job and careful consideration must be given to legal, medical and emotional implications to yourself and to your existing children, family, and friends if any and to the fact of surrendering the child post delivery.

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