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Legal facts of Surrogacy India

As we have earlier discussed that surrogacy includes the sperm cell indirectly is allowed to mix with the egg cell causing fertilization. When the sperm faces some difficulty penetrating with the egg cell, this type of technological help comes under effect. The treatment lasts nearly four to six weeks continuously per cycle. The couple needs to spend almost half day within the clinic in order to end the procedures like fertilization and egg retrieval procedures.

Indian surrogates are generally increasing day by day and becoming as famous between the infertile couples especially in the industrialized sectors due to the relatively cheap cost. Indian clinics are simultaneously compared with the hospitals as a great competition in the grounds of pricing, hiring as well as the retention of the females of India as the mother of surrogated child. As in India, surrogacy are licensed and permitted to perform by the doctors and the patients only if the doctors hold a license and are authorized by the Indian government so the clinics have to pay a lot of other services providing a halt stay for all those days that would undergo in the treatment procedures.

In most parts of India, it's legal and the doctors are provided with a license and are given with proper legal papers and documents. While, in most parts due to unreachable techniques and qualified doctors can't be reached, so it's neither permitted nor can be licensed for those specific parts.

Some of the laws implemented on the legal facts of surrogacy are as follows:

  1. Surrogacy arrangement shall be continued only by the help of agreement by both the parties
  2. Surrogacy arrangement have to pay compensation to the surrogated child in death event
  3. Surrogacy contract compulsorily need to concern of life insurance on the surrogated mother

These were some of the laws implemented by the Indian government in order to conduct the surrogacy in a peaceful manner.

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