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Legal facts of Surrogate India

Commercial surrogacy is legal in India since 2002 according to the rules and regulation of Indian Govt and we are also now known as an emerging leader in international surrogacy league. Mother surrogates in India have become increasingly popular primarily due to the cost involved and at the same time the hospitals in India have also become technologically more advanced in the hiring of females who look to become surrogates. The charges are way too inexpensive including the delivery, fertilization cost, surrogate’s fee and the hospital charges. This has been proven as a much simpler process and highly competitive in cost in comparison to anywhere else in the world.

Each year there is an increase in the number of Intended partners looking for surrogate mother’s and who choose India as their desired destinations, this is also due to the fact of less complexity in the Indian law as now even the supreme court of India had declared the permission and shown flexibility on law for commercial surrogacy in India. This has led to an increase in the confidence of those who choose India as their destination and partners or individuals who look for a surrogacy in India.

Intended Parents and individuals from all over the world come to India with a hope and dreams to attain the joy of parenthood by choosing surrogacy. The worst could be when, Intended parents contact hospitals over the internet mainly come across hospitals or agencies which do not offer complete information about the procedures, time duration and cost involved.

We will also advise you on attaining an order from the Indian Court to help you take your child with you to your homeland.

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