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How are surrogate mothers recruited

We have a huge network of friends, family and patients base who are always keen to join the programme and are also recruited through our advertisement in media and newspaper in India.

Why do women want to be surrogates

The shortest answer to this will be the payment part which helps secure the children education and at the same time feel proud of helping a couple. Surrogates are not chosen for their ability to produce a child but other aspects are also involved such as responsible nature and dedication towards the programme and eventually the hospital.

Is there a waiting list for surrogate mothers

We screen surrogate mothers on a regular basis. It takes 4 to 8 weeks approximately to have embryo transfer once the payment of stage one is made. We also have some surrogates tested and on birth control pill, ready to start.

When will I get my surrogate profile

Surrogates are chosen closest to the cycle of the genetic mother, or egg donor. Once the donor’s cycle has started the surrogate is chosen. You will generally not receive your surrogate’s profile more than one week prior to egg collection.

Can I have a proven surrogate mother

This is unlikely. Most of our surrogates wish to complete one surrogacy only.

How old are the surrogates

Generally 21 to 35 years of age.

Are all your surrogates married, or can single women be surrogates

Almost all are married, however single women (divorced/widow/unmarried) can be surrogate mothers when there is a specific request from a couple. (For example, British Home Office Guidelines state that if a surrogate is single only then will the genetic father be the legal father otherwise surrogate’s husband will be a legal father – so we have single ladies undergoing treatment for some couples).

Do they have children

Yes always.

What sort of background do they come from

Surrogate mothers are mostly housewives from a middle class. Surrogates that have employment are required to cease work so that it does not interfere with medical treatment.

Do you have to meet your surrogate

No, it’s not mandatory. Approximately only half of all clients meet their surrogate.

Should you bring gifts when you meet your surrogate

Not advisable. New parents if they wish can give gifts once a baby is born as per their choice.

Can parents choose their own surrogate

Let us know if there is any specific requirement, Raipur IVF will try to fulfill it as best as possible

Will surrogates are willing to have their photos taken during pregnancy

Generally not. The culture in India is a bit conservative.

Can we skype with our surrogate

No, they are quiet shy and prefer to meet you when you are here.

Surrogate Accommodation

How large is the accommodation

Surrogates are housed in separate apartments located close to the Hospital. Each surrogate has her own room, bathroom, kitchen facilities, cable TV. Some surrogates live in their own homes.

Can we see the surrogate accommodation

No. Neighbors get inquisitive and this may cause unnecessary complications.

What do surrogates do when living at the surrogate house

Generally, relax. Raipur IVF is open to providing additional activities for surrogate mothers and also welcome your suggestions.

Can the intended parents be present at the birth

No. There is a private room outside the delivery theatre at Raipur IVF Centre where parents can wait while their baby is born.

Does the surrogate see or hold the baby


Do surrogates want to see the baby

It would depend on you.

How are the surrogates after the birth, do they want to keep the baby


Are they sad to give the baby up

No, surrogates are prepared mentally beforehand and supported emotionally during pregnancy. They are often more sad that their surrogacy journey has come to an end.

A surrogate mother is one who enters into a contract with a couple who has been trying to have a child. As per the contract, this lady would sign a contract to gestate a baby on the behalf of the infertile couple. Post delivery she would give them the child.

Surrogacy- Advantages

Having a baby by taking help of surrogacy is an exciting way by which couples can enhance their family. All human beings want to have children. However, there are many individuals who are unable to do so for various biological and other reasons. Technology has helped many couples in their dreams of having a child. It is a preferred option by many couples now.

Surrogacy is helpful in various situations. Below are some instances illustrating the advantages of surrogacy.

  • INFERTILITY: Feminine infertility, or other medical issues, which may be an impediment towards a healthy pregnancy.
  • RISKY PREGNANCY: It is possible that the woman healthy and has no issues, however, just chooses to go for surrogacy to avoid the labor process.
  • SAME SEX Partners: Surrogacy helps partners of the same sex to have their own biological child through surrogacy.
Surrogacy for Infertile Couples

Having a baby by taking help of surrogacy is an exciting way by which couples can enhance their family. Today childless couples realize the importance and significance of surrogacy with the aid of which they can realize their dreams. Procreation is a basic desire of all individuals. However, there are many individuals who are denied the joys of parenthood for various biological and other reasons. Technology is helping people worldwide to overcome the difficulties and become proud parents. With the passage of time, it has been observed that surrogacy is fast becoming a preferred method by many childless couples.

Having a baby by taking help of surrogacy is an amazing opportunity for couples, which helps them to enhance their family. With the changing times, many childless couples now realize the importance and significance of surrogacy with the aid of which they can realize their dreams.

Surrogacy Process

The process of surrogacy is done in a manner where a couple who has been trying to have a child goes into an agreement with a lady. As per the contract, this lady would sign a contract to gestate a baby on the behalf of the infertile couple. Post delivery she would give them the child. This type of surrogacy parenting is also termed as contract parenting.

There are two types of surrogate parenting: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. In case of a traditional surrogacy, insemination is done in the surrogate with the male sperm who is the child’s rearing parent. Here the surrogate mother is the genetic, as well as the gestational mother and hence, has to enter a contract whereby she will have no legitimate rights over the child.

Gestational surrogacy would be different. In this case, there are chances that both the intended rearing mother and father will have a genetic connection with the baby. In this process, the eggs are taken out from the intended rearing mother and are fertilized along with the rearing father’s sperm. This is done outside the womb or in vitro. Post this the embryo will be transplanted in the surrogate mother’s womb, who will have a gestational role in this case.

Commercial Surrogacy: In this procedure of surrogacy, there is a gestational baby carrier who takes money and delivers a child to a matured stage in her womb. Affluent couples who can afford for this surrogacy chose this option. It has been legalized and practiced in many counties. Commercial surrogacy is also referred to as ‘wombs for rent’, outsourced pregnancies’ or even ‘baby farms’

Surrogacy process in Raipur

Surrogacy Program at Raipur Centre offers the complete range of treatment and has one of the best facility as well as a staff of this program. International clients comprise 75% of the total client base.

At Raipur IVF, founder and director Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani (MS, DNB, FMAS, DRM – Germany) leads the surrogacy program at Raipur IVF Centre Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani has successfully delivered more than 250 babies born through surrogacy in Raipur, Chhattisgarh-India for both Indian and international clients. Under Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani’s expert guidance, our surrogacy program currently has more than 80 surrogate pregnancies for national and international couples. Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani handles, on average, thirty surrogacy cases per month. Her work has been highly appreciated and many infertile couples from around the world are now parents.

Complete Cycle for Surrogacy at Raipur for International Clients

  1. The history of the patient is studied well. The patients are encouraged to send all details and contact over email or phone. The Centre encourages patients who have failed IVF and other treatment and have no option other than surrogacy.
  2. There must be a valid reason for options of egg donation or surrogacy
  3. The patient can go for Indian Egg Donor.
  4. Help in choosing surrogate mother by sending profile and picture.
  5. Once the decision is made, registration needs to be done by paying a token fee.
  6. Raipur Centre will do the required documentation and legal formalities to ensure a smooth and hassle free treatment along with court registration to take the baby home.

Effect of the Surrogate Mother to child

A woman who carries a baby for someone else contributes very little DNA or rather hardly any to the child. This is due to the fact that the child already has DNA from its mother and father. However, there are chances that some DNA may be passed from the woman to the fetus that she is carrying. At the same time, it can also be transferred from the child to the mother.

This exchanged DNA will have no effect at all. It will be a few cells hiding amongst trillions of original cells of the child.

Very less cells are exchanged between the surrogate mother and the child to influence any of her characteristics or impact the child in any manner.

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