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HSG Treatment

A hysterosalpingogram is a fertility testing technique that involves the injection of a special dye through the cervical opening inside the uterus. HSG also helps in checking the size and shape of the uterus, detecting certain anomalies like a bicornuate or septated uterus, which cause recurrent miscarriage.

Preparations for HSG


Before a hysterosalpingogram, one needs to tell their doctor the following:

  • If one is pregnant or might be pregnant
  • If one has some pelvic infection (pelvic inflammatory disease) or sexually transmitted disease (such as gonorrheae or Chlamydia)
  • If one is allergic to the iodine dye or any other substance that has iodine. Also the doctor needs to be informed if one has asthma, is allergic to any medicines, or have had any serious allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) from any substance ( like the venom from a bee sting or from eating shellfish).
  • If one has any bleeding problems or is taking any blood thinning medicine such as aspirin or warfarin.
  • If one has history of kidney problems or diabetes, especially if metformin is being taken to control diabetes. They dye used during hsg may lead to kidney damage in people who have problems in the functioning of their kidney. If one has a history of kidney problems, blood tests (creatine, blood urea nitrogen) may be done before the hsg to check that the kidneys are working well.

HSG Treatment in Raipur, India

Before the hysterosalpingogram begins, one will be given a sedative or ibuprofen such as Advil to help one relax and also relax the uterus so that it does not cramp during the test. The patient will need to take off their clothes below the waist and drape a gown around the waist. Bladder needs to be emptied and then one needs to lie on the back on an examination table with feet raised and supported by stirrups. This allows the doctor to look at the genital area.

There may be a requirement of an x-ray.  This is to ensure the large intestine (colon) is clear and there is nothing which in the way to block the view of the uterus as well as the fallopian tubes. Sometimes a laxative is given a few hours before the test which helps in emptying the large intestine.

The doctor will put a smooth, curved speculum into the vagina. The speculum helps in gently spreading the vaginal walls apart.  This allows the doctor to see the inside of the vagina as well as the cervix. Using a special soap, the cervix is washed post which a stiff tube known as a cannula or a flexible tube which is known as a catheter is put into the uterus through the cervix. Through the tube, the X-ray dye is put. In case of the fallopian tubes being open, the dye will flow through the tubes and spill into the belly.  There the body will absorb it as a natural process. On the other hand in case of a blocked fallopian tube, the dye will not pass through. During the course of the test, the XRAY pictures will be displayed on a TV monitor. If there is a requirement of another view, the examination table may be tilted. Alternatively, the patient may be required to change position.

Once the test is done, the cannula or catheter, as well as the speculum, are removed. It takes around 15- 20 minutes to do this test. One may feel some cramps during the test like the ones during the menstrual cycle. The amount of pain that one gets depends on what problems the doctor finds and treats during the test.

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HSG Treatment Cost

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