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Egg Retrieval

The breakthrough process of being able to collect mature eggs from a woman’s uterus and placing them outside for fertilization is known as egg retrieval. This advanced methodology of infertility treatment has come as a phenomenal relief to countless parents with facing the trauma of having to live with the stigma of being childless. Thanks to science now these couples can also be proud parents and enjoy the happiness of parenthood.

Egg retrieval or simply egg collection is a process involving removing of eggs from the ovary of a female and enabling fertilization outside the body .The process is also known as Transvaginal oocyte retrieval (TVOR), or oocyte retrieval (OCR)

Egg retrieval process in india 

The egg retrieval starts with the preparation stage when the ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs and then monitored. Once the eggs reached the correct size, a dose of hCG(human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone is administered to trigger final maturation. 36 hours after this the eggs are retrieved. Normally the eggs retrieval is performed under moderate sedation and the donor sleeps right through the process.

The actual process of egg collection is known as ultrasound-guided transvaginal aspiration. An ultrasound probe projects the images of the ovary and other organs while a fine needle is inserted into the ovary. Viewing the magnified image via the ultrasound probe, the physician locates each individual follicle and gently sucks in the egg via the needle. This process is known as aspiration. The fluid and the egg are collected from each ovary and are taken to the lab for preparation before fertilization. The process takes up to 15 minutes. The donor is kept under observation for a couple of hours and can then go home.

The donor might experience little uneasiness, soreness or cramps after the process. Rest is advised. The patients are examined for signs and advised on a one to one basis. The medicines and sedatives might cause dizziness for some time. Hence it is advisable that the patient does not involve in any driving or any other strenuous activity.

The egg transfer happens three to five days after the egg retrieval process.

Egg retrieval Treatment in India

The egg retrieval process at Raipur IVF happens under the supervision of highly experienced physicians and gynecologists. The doctors have experience of success in several cases and thus have the confidence and vision to guide you through the process. Each donor is individually examined with respect to all past history and then carefully selected for the process. During the process, optimal care is provided to ensure that the eggs are of excellent quality. The nurses and doctors make sure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure.

The entire procedure happens in the observation of highly trained staff and under the most stringent procedures.

Once the eggs are retrieved they are prepared clinically and then transferred back after 3-5 days. During this process, doctors will ensure that you receive good care and required medication so that your uterus is prepared for receiving the egg. After transferring the egg, pregnancy tests will be done to monitor the growth of the embryo and ensure that the pregnancy is proceeding normally.

Success rate at Raipur IVF

At Raipur IVF we ensure that the highest standards of medicine are upheld and all guidelines are followed. It is very difficult to predict the success rate for the egg retrieval process as the outcome depends on several factors like an individual patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches etc. Hence it would be unhealthy to give an exact success rate or compare with other clinics.

However, we will be definitely proud to discuss with you several cases that we have successfully assisted in this line of treatment.

The one golden rule that is applicable here is that success rate is most dependent on the age of the woman. So whereas a woman at 35 has a 50 % chance of becoming pregnant after the procedure for a woman aged 42 and above the rates are as low as 17-18%.

Egg retrieval Treatment cost

Our package includes the complete cost for the TVOR procedure including doctor’s fees, room charges, and the procedure costs. Medicines charges are extra as they will be prescribed based on the physical health of the patient.

The Raipur IVF advantage

Raipur IVF has been the pioneers in introducing assisted reproduction and has been one of the first clinics in India specializing in various forms of infertility treatments using assisted means of reproduction.

At the Raipur IVF Centre, we diagnose and treat infertility with the latest methods in technology and training. We offer a gamut of medical and surgical options ranging from simple treatment to the latest and most complicated methods in treating infertility

Treatment available at the Raipur IVF is comparable to the latest and most sophisticated standards set anywhere in the world. The hospital aims to provide its patients with world-class treatment at a fraction of the cost available anywhere else.

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