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ICSI Treatment in India

Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a procedure consisting of an injection of a single sperm directly into an egg in order to fertilize it. This fertilized egg (embryo) is then transferred to the uterus of the expecting mother. The procedure for ICSI is similar to that for IVF. The difference is that whereas in the IVF process the fertilization is induced in a dish, in ICSI the physician selects sperm from a given sample and then a single sperm is directly injected into each egg. ICSI is known to be the most successful form of fertility treatment and forms almost half of all assisted means reproduction methods.

Process of ICSI at Raipur IVF, India

The ICSI process consists of the creation of several mature eggs. It is possible that you will be given fertility drugs to encourage your ovaries to produce several eggs for fertilization The ICSI process is commonly used by couples who are experiencing the condition of male factor infertility. It is also used by couples who have tried other assisted means in the past and have not been successful.

There are five major steps in the process

  • 1. The male member is asked to produce a sperm sample or one is surgically extracted from him.
  • 2. The eggs are surgically extracted from the female member
  • 3. Using a small hollow needle the sperm is injected into the egg
  • 4. The fertilized egg is now kept under observation and its development is tracked systematically
  • 5. Once it is assured that the embryo is showing all signs of normal growth, the embryo is implanted into the uterus and allowed to mature and grow

Both fresh sperms and frozen sperms may be used for the process. The process happens using a method called micromanipulation. This uses a special tool along with specialized equipment to pick up a single sperm and directly inject it into the egg. A cycle of ICSI treatment takes from four to six weeks. In the first case, the couple has to spend a day at the clinic for egg and sperm retrieval procedures.

After two to six days in the clinic will ask you for a revisit for the embryo transfer procedure.

ICSI Treatment In India

The ICSI form of treatment offers the latest in reproductive technology fertility treatments. Our knowledgeable doctors at Raipur IVF are proud to be the partners in this remarkable breakthrough, by which we have the ability to fertilize an egg using a single sperm.

At Raipur IVF our doctors believe in never giving up. We can help you to achieve a successful pregnancy even when the male member is suffering from severe infertility problems. If your partner is facing the below problems get in touch with our doctors immediately.

  • Absence of sperm in the semen due to some blockage
  • Low sperm count or poor quality of sperms
  • Abnormal sperm shape and movement
  • Sperms are unable to penetrate the egg and cause successful fertilization

These and many more reasons might be the cause why you are facing the nightmare of an unsuccessful pregnancy. At Raipur IVF we will help you to find a solution to all these and many more problems

ICSI success rate in India

The ICSI program was started with Raipur IVF in 1995-96 and the hospital has performed more than 800 cycles till date. This has been achieved with a success rate of 30 to 40%, a statistic comparable to the best units in the world. The success rate of an ICSI procedure is quite high. However, the rates also depend on several personal characteristics and might thus differ from person to person. Age is one criterion which determines the success of the process to a large extent. For a woman, under 35 years of age, the rate will be close to 50 percent. However, after over 40 years of age, the success rate dips.

The high success rate of the process is because almost 50-80% of the eggs subjected to the process are fertilized. However, the other factors determine the completion of a successful pregnancy However it can be seen here that the success rate of IVF is very similar to other conventional methods. The ultimate deciding factor is the particular fertility problem that you are facing and of course your age. This is where our doctors at Raipur IVF help you to maximize the benefits of this technology. With their wide knowledge base, our doctors will help find optimal solutions for all your infertility related issues.

ICSI Treatment cost in India

ICSI is a specialized form of treatment requires the use of specialized tools and processes. The cost of the procedure is approximately 1.2 Lac INR in India. This covers the cost of the basic ICSI procedure and tests and scans prescribed during the procedure and excludes the cost of medicines.

Any specialized medicines used might be charged extra.

The Raipur IVF commitment

At Raipur IVF Hospital, we stand by our commitment to never giving up. Since we started the ICSI treatment in the 90s we have given hope to hundreds of childless couples. We strongly believe in letting nature take precedence over external interference. Hence in cases where we feel till that sperm count is normal to support normal reproduction, we will not advise the procedure of ICSI but will rather guide the patient towards the right medication.

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