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IUI Treatment

Intrauterine Insemination commonly known as IUI treatment is a procedure dealing with the introduction of a clinically prepared sperm inside a woman’s uterus. The process is relatively simple and economical. In IUI, clinically prepared sperms are implanted into the uterine cavity using a fine tube inserted through the cervix. Subsequently the sperms are much nearer to the opening of each of the two Fallopian tubes. This means that they have to swim a lesser distance to meet up with the egg.

IUI Treatment at Raipur IVF, India

The IUI treatment is a blessing to millions of eager parents who cannot conceive on their own. Raipur IVF offers a personalized approach and focused treatment in the IUI procedure in India. We offer international quality fertility treatment and that too at convenient prices. Raipur IVF is a state of the art center optimally equipped with experienced doctors, the latest technology and efficient processes to offer you a comprehensive solution to all aspects of infertility. We have other centers for IVF Treatment in Bilaspur, Ranchi and Bihar.

Treatment usually starts from the first day of your period when hormones are injected to improve the quality of the egg. A week later daily scans are done to keep a tab on the health of the egg and look for signs of premature ovulation. Blood tests are also done at the regular test to keep track of the progress of the egg.

Once it is apparent that ovulation will happen soon, the partner is asked to produce a sample of the sperm. This sample is then clinically prepared so that the best sperms (the fastest one) are isolated.

As soon as ovulation occurs the sperms are introduced into the cervix at the opening of the Fallopian tubes using a narrow tube.

Sometimes the ovulation is induced by a hormonal injection when it is apparent that the egg has developed optimally. However, there is also a risk involved with such injections as they might cause ovarian cysts or lead to multiple pregnancies.

IUI Success rate in Raipur, India

The success of an IUI procedure depends on many factors like the age of the patient. For example, for women above 35, the success rate of the procedure reduces significantly. The success rate varies from 25-35 percent.

Again overall success may also depend on the actual reason of infertility and the duration of the time that you have been trying. A couple may have to try the procedure 3-4 times to get a successful pregnancy.

The treatment aims at ensuring that sperms are available when the eggs are released after ovulation. Thus any possible conditions which prevent or obstruct the normal passage of sperms through the cervix are safely bypassed This is also combined with injectable hormones to improve the egg quality. It is very difficult to determine the specific success rate, however, we will be able to give you an estimated one the initial examination is over. Roughly the success rates are 12-15% per cycle.

Treatment cost at Raipur IVF

The IUI procedure is comparatively inexpensive compared to the other methods of assisted methods of reproduction. A treatment cycle may cost between INR 5000-10000 and cover the components of a basic IUI process.
This includes the sperm washing and IVF procedure, ultrasounds and the use of generic prescription medicines.
However, if the treatment requires fertility injections the cost may rise up considerably. You may also be prescribed hormonal injections which will increase the number of eggs produced in each cycle thus increasing the chances of a successful fertilization. This medication is also known as “trigger” as it triggers the production of several eggs

Why Raipur IVF

Raipur Fertility research center has about 15 years of experience in providing couples with the latest in assisting means of reproduction. The hospital and our dedicated staff provide you with a warm atmosphere where you can be sure that all your concerns of infertility are patiently listened to and efficiently addressed. Our knowledgeable staff and the latest technological processes that we follow together make the experience of creating a baby the most wonderful experience of your life.

The state of the art technology at Raipur IVF provide you a one-stop solution for curing all aspects of infertility at a convenient cost at Chhattisgarh, India

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