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Surrogate pregnancy

is rather unsafe technique through which intended partners attempt to give birth to a child. The pregnancy result of a surrogate mother technically the biological mother is a result of her own eggs and the donors or the partner sperm. Fertilization was procured through artificial insemination, this procedure is long and costly and most importantly, post procedure, the surrogate mother could also refuse to hand over the baby if she chose.

At Raipur IVF Centre Chhattisgarh, India we understand the pain that the intended partners go through in such a situation and have come with a solution to such situation through gestational surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy is a low-risk surrogacy procedure for the intended parents as the child born is not directly related to the surrogate mother, it is preserved in-vitro and is usually produced as a result of one or both parents genetic hormones.

In a gestational surrogate pregnancy the result is not derived through the surrogate’s own eggs, she is less likely to consider the baby born as “hers.” In a situation where an egg donor is used, the egg donor will also not have any legal rights to claim the baby as his. The intrinsic difference in gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy make it a much more realistic option for most intended partners.

To give birth to a child normally and raising them is a blessing and joy to many partners but some can’t experience this without medical help. We are happy to assist those who need advice and medical help in attaining a child, you may also know someone who could be stressed with infertility or someone who want to be a parent but has not found a romantic partner. If you’ve sympathized with your loved one’s stress, you may be able to lend a helping hand by introducing our center to them. Surrogate parents can help people just like those close to you achieve their dreams of giving birth to a child.

This is also useful for people who have given birth to their own children and are still in good health, they can be a useful candidate to become a surrogate parent. They can assist people suffering from infertility to have a child. Once you decide such action to help others, we Raipur IVF Centre can arrange your match with our clients who look for such surrogate opportunities in India. All the privacy for both the parties are considered and we let our surrogate parents specify what your preferences could be to ensure the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

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