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Sperm donation

Q. What would I have to do to donate Semen ?

A.The first step would be to contact our center and we will provide you a form that you would need to complete. Thereafter if you are fit in our above-listed criteria you need to give your semen for semen analysis, and also blood for other required tests. These tests will be performed at no cost to you.

Once you are accepted as a routine donor-once every three months you are re-tested for the sexually transmitted disease.

Q. How would I approach the laboratory for collection of semen ?

A. You should contact our laboratory to know the planned schedule and time for collection. Here we have two categories. Collection of semen for fresh transfer and collection of semen for preservation.

Q. Financial compensation for donor

A. As most of the donors are professionals or students from institutions of higher education – they want to give a smile to an infertile couple and help them selflessly and as a token of appreciation we pay a small remuneration.

Q. Advantage of being a semen donor

A. Approximately 40% of infertility cases result from disorders in the male when it cannot be treated donor insemination only option & by donating semen you will be helping an infertile couple to realize their dreams to have a family.

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