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Many couples experiencing male factor infertility may choose to undergo donor insemination for IUI or IVF procedures in order to achieve pregnancy.

Sperm Donation -We do not need any sperm donors currently. please do not write to us or call us.


is a procedure by which the egg of a female is fertilised, using artificial insemination techniques or IVF, with sperm from a healthy male that has been donated and kept frozen in a sperm bank. The resulting embryo may then develop into a foetus inside the uterus. This way, a couple gets a chance to conceive a child who has genetic traits of one of the parents and the mother can experience pregnancy.

Why sperm donation ?

  • If there are significant abnormal semen characteristics
  • Irreversible azoospermia
  • A previous vasectomy
  • Previous radiation or chemotherapy treatment or another irreversible male fertility factor
  • Carriers of a known hereditary or genetic disorder
  • If the female is Rh sensitized and the male is Rh positive
  • Single women who desire pregnancy.

Becoming a Sperm Donor

Young, healthy men between ages of 21 to 45 years are eligible as semen donors have at our center. We have few selection criteria that should be fulfilled before becoming a donor and we choose best egg donars fulfilling all the criteria

  • A complete application form with consent of not disclosing the identity.
  • In the application form donor characteristics like blood group, height, weight, complexion, occupation, education, and complete semen analysis should be filled up.
  • A thorough semen analysis with sperm count > 60 million with 60% motility and normal morphology.
  • Screening for HIV, VDRL , Hepatitis
  • He should not be a drug addict
  • Screening for any hereditary disorder & Genetic condition.

Egg donation in India

is a well-established form of assisted conception treatment. It offers hope for a large number of women who previously thought they could never become pregnant and have children. In the United Kingdom at is a legally accepted form of treatment. In some countries, egg donation is not allowed.

Why egg donation ?

  • Poor fertilization of eggs inspite of good quality sperm.
  • Failure to achieve a viable pregnancy following repeated attempts at IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies.
  • Absent ovarian function due to previous surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
  • Premature ovarian failure.
  • Menopause
  • The presence of genetic disorder that have high likelihood of being transmitted via the women's eggs to the offspring.
  • Women over the age of 40
  • Elevated follicle stimulating hormone levels (greater than 12 mIu/ml) on 3rd day of the menstrual cycle.
  • Poor responders (less than 3-4 eggs).
  • Unexplained failure of IVF consecutively (3 cycles).

Becoming a Egg Donor

Young, healthy women between ages of 21 to 32 years are eligible for egg donation program here at our center. We have few selection methods which are as follows.

  • The prospective donor should be in general good health
  • Should not have any major malformation or genetic disorders.
  • Medical screening for any physicial or mental ailments.
  • A physical examination, endocrine profile, ultrasound examination or pelvis.
  • Screening test for HIV, HbsAg, VDRL & hepatitis
  • A written consent form confirming the full understanding of the egg donation procedure.
  • We understand that donor may have several questions to be asked we shall try to include few once we share our opinion about egg donation.
  • We surveyed few women – out of that 91% were moderately to extremely satisfied with the experience
  • Our study assessed the motivations of oocyte donors and found that they were guided by an over all ethic of giving.
  • Oocyte donor has the satisfaction of giving completeness to the couple by addressing them proud parents.

Embryo Donation

Many couples choose to pursue embryo donation in order to increase their chances of having a child. Embryos are often donated by anonymous couples who have extra embryos remaining from previous IVF treatment cycles. Donated embryos can also be created by using donated eggs and sperm. Most donated embryos are used in a process called frozen embryo transfer.

Why Embryo donation ?

  • For menopausal or perimenopausal women with a sub-fertile partner
  • Recurrent IVF failures
  • Patients who are carriers of genetic disease or chromosomal abnormalities.

Our approach

We at Raipur Fertility Research Center, India provide an excellent facility for helping infertile couple achieve their life's dream to having a baby. Our team incorporates dedicated physicians, Embryologist, clinical coordinators nurses and administrative personnel. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care in a sensitive and caring environment.

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