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IVF Treatment Success Rate in India

The most important factors that determine the rates of pregnancy include the age of the maternal, the perfect length of infertility or the subfertility, bFSH that includes the oocytes number and the rest all ovarian operation.

As discussed earlier the women’s age matter the most for IVF, so strictly the women’s age must be included from 23 to 29 years for the treatment eligibility. However, what matters the most is the male’s contribution that adds ups to 50% in the couple’s issue in giving birth to a child.

Traditional semen determination cannot distinguish between the sperm which is fertile while that of sperm that is infertile in nature. But nowadays due to the transformation of the world have increased the chances to determine whether the sperm is fertile or not.

Sperm DNA tone matters most to the success behind the treatment as well as the fertilization to the impairment, interrupted pre-implantation development for the embryo, miscarriage, defects in birth in the offspring or the childhood cancers.

The sperm comet trial is all about sensitiveness that has been developed to an extent. It is considered as a unique element to measure the sperm DNA that has been damaged due to some problems in an individual. This helps in the increase chances of success rates as the couple is forced to attend the clinics quite often in order to treat it using IVF that includes ICSI. Damage chances above 50% are the most successful ones to get treated using ICSI. Ranging from 20% to nearly 25% of couples require the treatment but IVF mostly focuses on the chances to treat below 50% of the damaged levels which increases the success rate. This helps in the knowledge that the time is saved as well the money could be saved to an extent.

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