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Legal and Low Cost Surrogacy Process in India

The most experienced IVF and infertility treatment provider, Raipur IVF Centre offers a legal and hassle free surrogacy process in India that will prove to be cost-effective. We are the best destination for all national and international couples who want a baby through surrogacy process. Our clinic is proud to be recognized as the best surrogacy hospital in India that offer surrogate mothers (who have undergone rigorous background verification) and advance solutions under one roof, which ensures a smooth and stress free process of having a baby.

About Enjoying a Hassle Free and Reliable Surrogacy:

1. After receiving your email or call, we will ask you about the history of treatment. People who have experienced failure in IVF and other fertility treatment can rely on our surrogacy process to have a child.

2. It is important to have a valid reason to opt for egg donation or surrogacy.

3. As an international client (who want to go through a surrogacy process at our hospital), you can for an Indian egg donor.

4. We will provide assistance to choose the surrogate mother by sending their correct profiles and pictures. It is always good to decide the surrogate mother in time to ensure a smooth treatment for surrogacy.

5. You need to pay a token fee and register with us for taking forward the legal processing and documentation for a hassle free surrogacy treatment.

6. If you opt for an egg donor program, then only husband can come for a short visit of a week. In case, you opt for own eggs, then the couple will have to stay for 4-5 weeks. Within this period of time, we will develop the embryo (if there are some good qualities of embryos, then we will freeze the one of good quality for future use).

7. We will stay in touch with your dates.

8. After the pregnancy of the surrogate mother, we will keep you informed about the continuous development and progress of the child.

9. Our associate doctors will take good care of the child and mother’s health by tracking the development during the entire process.

10. We will take good care of the surrogate mother by providing the highest standard of reliable service like food, medical and delivery process. The surrogate mother will be always under the supervision of an associate doctor.

Contact us today to enjoy a blessed motherhood through our legal surrogacy process in India!

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