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Why Choose Raipur IVF Centre

We understand that you have a choice of fertility center to consider before making a decision. So here are some of the reasons why you should consider Raipur IVF Centre:

We believe that every couple needs special, individual care and attention and our cooperative staff treat our patients as our family member. We are available round the clock for all patients and even a petty issue regarding treatment can be discussed anytime. Every member of mother’s lap family can be contacted at any point of time, may it be a nurse or a doctor. We put our best foot forward to let you have the treatment in your affordable range. Else, an alternate way out is always suggested.

Why Choose Raipur IVF
Success Rates

Raipur IVF Centre success rates mark it out as an outstanding performer in the provision of fertility services.


Raipur IVF Centre now has a comprehensive Quality Management System in place. Through our multidisciplinary team-high levels of medical, nursing, laboratory, counseling and administrative expertise are available to ensure the highest standards of patient care. Systems and processes have been put in place to ensure that the quality of care achieved is optimized and in keeping with current best practice.


Raipur IVF Centre believes in transparency and openness. As a not for profit medical patients can be confident that every treatment decision agreed with each couple is the most medically appropriate for them.

Patient Centered Care

Raipur IVF Centre welcome couples complete involvement in their treatment cycles. We are completely open to patient based feedback. We continuously strive to improve our patient care by being attentive to patient concerns and by involving patients in our quality improvement processes.

Professional and Caring Team

Raipur IVF Centre is committed to employing appropriately qualified and experienced staff to our team to deliver on our commitment to our patients. All staff are encouraged and supported to pursue continuous professional development. Our caring and dedicated team include doctors, embryologists, nursing, counseling, and administrative staff all working together to strive for excellence in fertility care.

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